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Trabant Tour - The Wall Ride

Trabant Tour - The Wall Ride

Duration : ~2.25 hours
Location: Berlin, Germany

Starting from: €79,00


The Wall Ride is THE Berlin-Tour for those who seek the very special, odd stories as well as interesting personalities and remarkable biographies of a once divided city: An interactive Metropolis adventure following the course of the former Berlin Wall - first hand and uncensored.

In a convoy you steer your vehicle along the relicts of Marxism and Leninism to the East Side Gallery, explore the death strip and pass the rigorous document inspection at Checkpoint Charlie, just as it has happened as a part of everyday live in the divided city. The Wall Ride is pure excitement, fun within the group is guaranteed and it is likely to become the unforgettable highlight of your Berlin trip.

Loved, hated, hotly sought-after and finally written off: the story of the Trabant-car is closely related to the history of the former GDR. We have made our Trabants the all-star cast of a very special sight seeing-tour which surely is a highlight of every Berlin visit!

Everyone who joined the Trabi experience was enthusiastic about it! So get in and experience it yourself: the world famous sound of an original Trabi engine will awaken your spirit of adventure immediately! Choose one of our approx. 100 Trabis and drive yourself join in for a ride in Berlin, Germanys vivid metropolis! Our professional guides will accompany you via a modern radio communication system, providing information about the city along the way.

You choose the car when you arrive at the tour! But whichever model you choose the joy of driving is guaranteed. Your journey through times starts as soon as you get in the car. And this journey has a lot to offer

Every Trabant which is going on a time travel with The Wall Ride is painted in the original GDR- military look. Our models cause sensation and are a popular theme for photos. Your Trabi is going to be a loyal companion on this extraordinary sight-seeing tour following the sights of the Berlin Wall as well as German and European history. Just get in the car and we will offer you THE Berlin experience close, touching, impressive.

Additional Information:

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Departure time:


Departure point:

Balloon Garten, close to Check-Point Charlie


Trabi for 1 person: 99EUR

Trabi for 2 people: 178EUR

Trabi for 3 people: 237EUR

Trabi for 4 people: 316EUR (please note we only recommend up to 3 adults per trabi as otherwise it might get quite tight. The "trabi for 4 people" option is good for families with children)

Please note:

Please present your voucher at the location 15 minutes before departure time.
The trabis can carry a maximum of 350kg per vehicle.

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