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666 Anti Pub Crawl

Half day
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Visit the most incredible bars in the 666 Anti Pub Crawl

This alternative Berlin pub crawl is like no other. If you’re looking for the best Berlin nightlife and want to avoid the typical tourist traps and money grabs, this Berlin pub crawl is perfect for you. To be frank, locals hate a Berlin pub crawl. Nobody wants a crowd of dozens of drunk foreigners dominating their favorite bars. It’s just not Berlin-style. However, in small groups you can visit some of the hippest, most awesome spots in the city and get to know some of the locals. On this alternative Berlin pub crawl, you can check out where Rammstein and Marilyn Manson used to party, play a few games of ping pong against the local champions, and go to a gothic club! Whether you want to hit up a techno club, a hip hop party in a bombed-out warehouse, a flower power bar, or anything you can imagine, you can probably find it on this Berlin pub crawl. We can even lead you to the most exclusive tranny bars, beach bars, burlesque clubs, or boat parties. It’s sure to be a night to remember. Tickets for the 666 Anti Pub Crawl include admission to all bars offered as well as welcome shots at select locations. Travel to the sexiest sites in the city and find the best Berlin nightlife. The freedom to go anywhere is yours, choose your adventure on this Berlin pub crawl.

Take one down and pass it around on this delicious beer tour

Are you thinking of beer? You can also go on a local beer tour and try and find the tastiest brew in Germany. Head to an absinthe bar, flower power bar, or even a goth horror rock scene for smooth drinks. You’re sure to enjoy this Berlin pub crawl with old friends or make new ones along the way. Don’t just go from bar to bar, go from new experience to new experience. Try a delicious stout, a dry-hopped malt and develop your palate on this exciting beer tour.

The 666 Berlin pub crawl shows you the best of Berlin

German tourism is much more than bratwurst and monuments. A Berlin pub crawl is critical to understand modern German culture. Challenge yourself and see the cool, the bizarre, and the one-of-a-kind within the ‘Grey City.’ Get your 666 Anti Pub Crawl tickets today.