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The ensemble consists of well-known musicians, who interpret baroque and classical opera with a keen sense of the compositions from that era.
From 34 per person
Travel back into the time of Hohenzollern dynasty and experience the chambers and halls of Frederick the Great.
From 45 per person

Concert in Berlin

If you want to make your vacation or trip extra special, go to a concert in Berlin. After a day of sightseeing, you can relax while enjoying a spectacular show. You can find a concert in Berlin everywhere as Berlin is a city filled with cultural activities. With three major opera houses and eight professional orchestras, Berlin is a gold mine for great concerts. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming concerts and don’t miss out on this fantastic experience that for sure will be loved by all your travel companions.

Charlottenburg Palace

One of the most amazing and unique experiences is the concert series that take place in Charlottenburg Palace. This show in Berlin gives you the opportunity to experience the era of Baroque in Berlin. The Berlin Palace Orchestra treats you with masterpieces of music. This show in Berlin will take you on a journey to the golden age of Baroque and classical music. To make it even more of a magical experience, all members of the staff and of the orchestra will be dressed in historic costumes. Combine that with the ambiance of the grand Charlotte Palace and you will feel like you’ve traveled back in time. The Orangery at Charlottenburg Palace combines the ambiance of days gone by with the luxury of modern-day life. It is the perfect evening out with family, friends or colleagues.

Book your tickets now!

Don’t wait any longer and book your tickets now for a concert in Berlin. We only have a limited amount of tickets and you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic experience. Check the calendar for available dates, choose a seating category and book your tickets. Complete your trip to Berlin and go to a concert in Berlin!