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Fun in Berlin for the first time Visitor

The city of Berlin is rich in history and culture, and many first time visitors are captivated by its charm and beauty. From the warmth of the people to the vibrant nightlife, this world class city is a must see for any serious traveler.

First time visitors will of course want to make the most of their time in Berlin, and there are a number of great tours designed to help first time travelers get acquainted with this wonderful destination.

Guided tours can be a great way for first time visitors to get acquainted with any new city, and Berlin offers some of the finest tours available. From walking tours focusing on the history of the city to motor coach tours designed to help travelers get the lay of the land, tours of Berlin are a wonderful way to learn about the city, meet travelers from around the world and have lots of fun.

English speaking visitors to Berlin will be happy to know that there are a wealth of tours available in their native tongue. Whether their German is passable or nonexistent, these visitors will be able to find their way around and learn about the city.

Walking tours are always a big hit in Berlin, due in part to the fact that the city is so compact. With so many famous attractions in so small an area, a walking tour of the city is a great way to enjoy its rich history and cultural traditions. Visitors to Berlin will also be happy to know that Berlin is not nearly as crowded as some other European capitals. The smaller crowds make walking in Berlin a real delight for history buffs and other visitors alike.

Visitors who prefer a go it alone tour can opt for one of the many self guided walking tours designed for first time visitors to Berlin. These guides can be ordered before leaving home, or they can be purchased at BerlinCityTours.com . For a more hands on approach there are a number of excellent guided walking tours of the city, perfect for getting acquainted with the city and its people.

History buffs will find Berlin a delight, so it is only natural for tours of the city to focus on its long and storied history. Some of the most popular tours of Berlin focus on such famous sights as the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the Reichstag. Other tours go into further depth, including such locales as Hitler’s bunker, the World War II cemeteries, and the Holocaust Memorial.

Bicycles are another popular way to explore this small and compact city, and there are many bike tours available to both first timers and repeat visitors. Residents of Berlin are quite accustomed to traveling and commuting by bike, and there are many bicycle rental businesses that cater to tourists. Renting a bike is a great way to explore this famous city, and there are a number of guided bike tours available as well.

No matter how you explore this wonderful city, Berlin is a delight for the senses and a historian’s dream. Whether on foot, on a bicycle, or via the city’s excellent public transportation, there is plenty to see and do in this wonderful German city.