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2 days
Book an adventure filled two days in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, and Hannover. Each filled with culture, historical monuments, and excellent cuisine.
From 1820 per person

Learn the history of the Hanseatic town on a Berlin to Hannover tour

One of the most popular and demanded tours that we offer is a 2-day package which includes a Berlin to Hannover tour, and a day trip to Hamburg. This northern Germany adventure is a great way to discover the culture of the region and its beautiful landscape. Ride through the lightly rolling hills and alongside babbling brooks on your bus from Berlin to Hannover tour. Northern Germany is well-known for its flat plains, morning fog, and picturesque scenery. Knowledgeable Berlin to Hannover tour guides will provide in-depth trivia and profound insight into the region as you drive through it. When the Berlin to Hannover tour finally arrives at its main destination, you’ll step into a charming and sophisticated former city of kings, situated upon the River Leine. Connecting the north and south, Hamburg and Munich, and east and west, Berlin and Ruhr, Hannover is something of a crossroads, and microcosm of Germany. In fact, it serves as something of a microcosm of the world as well. Home to the world fair Expo 2000 in the year 2000, Hannover now features the largest fairground on Earth. With famous airports, massive hospitals, and award-winning universities, Hannover is much more than just a stop on a travel agenda. Investigate the Old Town Hall built in 1500 and more when you take a Berlin to Hannover tour.

Visit Hannover to see a pretty blend of natural beauty and man-made marvels

When you visit Hannover, you’re heading to a city with heaps of interesting tourist attractions. Wander through the lush Herrenhausen Gardens, a striking example of the city’s unique horticultural style. The fairytale Marienburg Castle located on the city outskirts is another grand place to see when you visit Hannover. Stroll through the booming city center or take a picture with friends in front of the maritime paradise Machsee. Make sure you visit the Opera House as well, one of the best examples of neo-classical architecture in the world.

Get your tickets for a Berlin to Hannover Tour

Sit back and relax aboard your bus from Berlin to Hannover. This two-day excursion is a fun way to get to know the capital of Lower Saxony. With a three-star hotel, private transportation options, and delicious dining stops along the way, your Berlin to Hannover Tour will be a memory for the ages.