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  • Duration
    2 days
  • Departures
  • Whats included?

    Package including private car:


    • Private, modern, air-conditioned vehicle 
    • English speaking driver
    • 1-night accommodation in a 3-star hotel in Hamburg including breakfast
    • 3-hour guided private tour of Hamburg
    • 3-hour guided private tour of Hannover


    Package including train transportation:


    • train transportation to Hamburg, from Hamburg to Hannover and from Hannover back to Berlin, in the 2nd class, in a comfortable modern train
    • 3-hour guided private walking tour of Berlin
    • 1-night accommodation in a 3-star hotel in Hamburg including breakfast
    • 4-hour guided private walking tour of Prague on the 2nd day
    • 3-hour guided private tour of Hamburg
    • 3-hour guided private tour of Hannover

Price from 1820 per person

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2-Day Package: Berlin, Hamburg & Hannover

Hamburg, Hannover
2 days
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Enjoy a Berlin, Hannover and Hamburg tour

The first day begins with a Berlin sightseeing tour. This industrial urban metropolis oozing with art and the remnants of its complex historical events at every corner. A city that has witnessed a rebirth shown by its multitude of chic cafes, excellent cuisine, and inspiring inhabitants. Those of which breathe life into this slightly industrial yet charming and passionate German capital. From the house of world cultures, Reichstag, the museum island, and the infamous staple of division and unity that is the Berlin wall; there is much to see in this metropolis filled with personality and wit. After the tour is over you will make your way to a special Hamburg tour to see one of Germany's economic powerhouses that was once lost in the great fire of 1842. 

While on the Hamburg tour, you will learn about a city that has been molded by its involvement with the Hanseatic League of the Middle Age and has found itself at the center of much of the country's international trade

The Hamburg tour will show you an stunning city with an architectural design and daily life that echoes its strong seaside essence and naval past. On the Hamburg tour you will experience the breath of fresh air from the picturesque harbor. You will see a city filled with a vibrant multi-cultural atmosphere and intellectually stimulating spirit and medieval past during the Hamburg tour.

Make your way to visit Hannover

After your Hamburg tour, you will make your way to visit Hannover. The city has a low profile in comparison to its neighbors but surely has much to see and offer to its visitors. The Hannover tour explores historical events such as the allied bombings of 1943 this wiped out much of the cities renowned architecture, The allied bombings of 1943 destroyed much of the city’s architecture. Although there are still plenty of reasons to visit Hannover, such as its exquisite buildings, cultural centers vast green spaces and Europe's largest urban forest, the Eilenriede.

Wrap up your day on this jam-packed tour

Once you have finished this leg of the tour, you will make your way back to Berlin where you can reflect upon the fun-filled two days that you have had on this two day Berlin, Hanover and Hamburg tour by Berlin City Tours.