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Half day
Meet some of the local Berliners and get to know the best spots in town. Visit the alternative bars and exclusive clubs of Berlin on this one-of-a-kind tour.
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2 hours
For a perfect start to your Saturday night, join our 2-hour cruise including 1 free cocktail of your choice!
From 24
2 hours
Discover the city by night on an evening river cruise in historic Berlin. Treat your family and friends to a night-time tour of Berlin they won't forget.
From 18
5 out of 5 stars
3 hours
Wine and dine on the river Spree with the Berlin Dinner Cruise. Partake in a 3-course meal while drifting past the grandest buildings and bridges in Berlin.
From 70
4 out of 5 stars
3 hours
A three-course dinner makes this evening river cruise in Berlin a must-do activity. Dine beneath the stars on the storied River Spree during this fabulous tour.
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Discover why Berlin nightlife is unique from any other city

From the tranquil to the trendy, Berlin is widely known as the city that never sleeps. With some of the best bars, clubs, cruises, and experiences, you’ll be counting the days until you return to the German capital. Begin your Berlin nightlife experience with a calm dinner cruise in the late afternoon or early evening. With several cruises available offering wine, beer, cocktails, and delicious dinners, this can be a great way to pregame for your night out. Complete some of your sightseeing objectives while cruising down the elegant Spree river for a few hours. Your tranquil cruise through downtown Berlin will get your Berlin nightlife started right as you watch the golden sunset and see the city lights illuminate Berlin's stunning architecture. If you are looking for a completely unique German experience, check out the Classical Concert at Charlottenburg Palace. There, the Berlin Residence Orchestra, while fully dressed in 17th-century garments, will recreate the magic of yesteryear with performances of classics by famous German composers. However, if you are going out in Berlin and looking for a little more pop in your night, check out our amazing Berlin nightlife tour options.

Visit the best bars and clubs in Berlin at night

The rowdy entertainment of Berlin at night is really what earns the city its incredible reputation though. Our tours go deep into Berlin’s unique party scene, where gender fluidity, sexual experimentation, and simply happy backdrop the throbbing techno of the German city. Follow our experienced local Berlin nightlife guide on a private tour to some of the more exclusive locations. On the same note, you can enjoy going out in Berlin on the 666 Anti Pub Crawl, a bohemian romp through off-the-beaten-path bars and excellent underground pubs. You’ll soon discover that leaving any of the clubs offered in Berlin at night, is much more difficult than getting in.

Begin your Berlin nightlife adventure

Whether you are looking for an exclusive luxury limousine with catering and first-class service as transportation to your Berlin nightlife adventure, or want private tours through the fun, intense, and progressive club scenes, you can trust Berlin City Tours. Check out all of our Berlin nightlife packages online. Your unforgettable evening is just a click away.