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Meet some of the local Berliners and get to know the best spots in town. Visit the alternative bars and exclusive clubs of Berlin on this one-of-a-kind tour.
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Experience one of the many private tours Berlin

Berlin is one of those cities that can only be truly experienced if you learn a bit of its complex and fascinating backstory. As an epicenter for art, culture, and social movements, it is considered to be one of the most progressive cities in the world. How has a city that lived through such a turbulent past, has become a mecca for creativity and free thinking? Perhaps on one of the private tours Berlin you will find out.

Choose from many private tours in Germany

There is plenty to see and do while on one of the private tours Berlin. With over 170 museums to choose from, and a multitude of information on some of the world's most significant historical moments. There will always be something to do while on one of the private tours Berlin. The German capital itself is the largest in central Europe and boasts over 3.5 million inhabitants. An expert guide is vital to learning about Berlin. Each of them are experts in their fields and enthusiastic to share their knowledge with you on one of the private tours in Germany. In spite the name Berlin City Tours, you are not only limited to experience Berlin. There are many sightseeing tours offered to several neighboring cities. We offer private tours in Germany to the stunning city of Potsdam and also organize day trips to Dresden, Leipzig, and Hamburg.

Get to know Berlin at its core

The Private tours Berlin can be specifically tailored to meet your specific needs and are offered in a vast variety of languages. Some are looking for luxurious limousine tours while others simply want to know the street art. The private tours Berlin include different types of transport, such as a boat, bicycle, modern coaches, and much more! Or you can stroll by locals on one of our private walking tours.

Arguably one of the most interesting cities in the world, private tours Berlin offer an unparalleled insight into what makes this incredible place tick. It is a city that breathes community and freedom. This German capital certainly deserves that you get to know its essence as intimately as you can one of the private tours Berlin.