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  • Duration
    Half day
  • Departures
  • Spoken Language
  • What's Included?

    • 6-7 different bites during the tour that all together add up to a full meal
    • Giveaway, a shopping bag and a city map
    • Pickup: at your hotel if suitable for the itinerary or at a location suggested by the tour guide
    • Please note: public transport is not included but will be used during the tour

Private Culinary Food of Berlin

Half day
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Get a taste of German cuisine on the Berlin Culinary Tour

Food and tourism fit like a hand in a glove, but the Berlin Culinary Tour is food on another level. Travel around the city and taste the freshest, tastiest, and most authentic meals within the German capital, Brandenburg, and all of Germany. The Berlin Culinary Tour features some of the best restaurants in Berlin and details the historical development of the region through its people’s typical meals. Germany is the second most popular migration destination in the world, and the Berlin Culinary Tour represents many influences from immigrants throughout the country’s history. Dine on some savory roulades, a cheesy spätzle or several other tasty options. The Berlin food tour features different routes on different days according to market availability. You might head to Charlottenberg and try a crunchy wiener schnitzel, or ride into Kreuzberg and chow down on the world famous currywurst. You don’t know what fabulous dishes you’ll find on the Berlin Culinary Tour, but all of them will leave your mouth smiling and your stomach happy. This Berlin food tour includes six to seven different sampler options from each of your journey’s stops. Whether in the local Turkish kitchens, the unique Asian restaurants in Berlin, or the Wittenbergplatz farmers market, there’s something for everyone. Each tasting will teach you a little bit more about the unique blend of cultures that make up this central European power. The Berlin Culinary Tour includes different food and beverages tastings and changes during the year according to the season and the markets.

Experience one of the best private tours Berlin has to offer

Amongst all the private tours, Berlin City Tours provides this experience as a special masterpiece for your senses and gets you up close and personal with native Berliners and their culture. Professional guides speak English, Hebrew, and Italian and will give you a better idea of how foods represent the cultural diversity there with unique anecdotes, recommendations of dishes, and funny stories. Charismatic guides make this one of the best private tours Berlin, Germany, or anywhere in Europe has to offer.

Prepare your palate for the Berlin Culinary Tour

This tour is a one-of-a-kind experience perfect for all ages. Travel with your friends, family, company or alone and taste the best meals in the country. Fill your plate on the Berlin Culinary Tour and reserve your tickets today.


The tour can be offered in English, Hebrew and Italian.


This tour narrates the historical development of the area through its people’s food. From the farmers markets to the luxurious 20th century department stores, Berlin has changed a lot. This area, poor in natural resources was influenced widely throughout the history by the immigrants kitchens and nearby areas. During the tour we will pass in markets and important culinary institutes that tell this city’s story. Each place reflects a part of the bigger story of the region. The tour includes different food and beverages tastings and changes during the year according to the season and the markets.

The tour takes a different route each day according to the markets.
Tuesday and Friday: Kreuzberg and Mitte
Wednesday and Saturday: Charlottenburg
Thursday: Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg

Charlottenburg example:
Meeting around the Zoo area or at the hotel.
Kantstr. Turkish kitchen and the asian kitchens in Berlin.
Karl August farmers market/Wittenbergplatz farmers market and KaDeWe.
Rogacki for smoked fish and Wilmersdorferstr.
Blomeyer's kaese.
Wald koenigsberger marzipan.

Please note

This tour includes all food and drinks that are offered during the tour. There are 6-7 different bites during the tour that all together add up to a full meal. The tour does not include costs of transportation. The tour is planned with use of public transportation.

Please state if you have any food restrictions or allergies. All tours have vegan options.

All tours are accessible for wheelchair.

Prices (please note the prices are per group, not per person)

Tour for 1, 2 or 3 people: 200EUR
Tour for 4 people: 245EUR
Tour for 5 people: 305EUR
Tour for 6 people: 345EUR
Tour for 7 people: 400EUR
Tour for 8 people: 460EUR


  • Cancellation more than 1 month before departure date : 15% of the total amount must be paid
  • Cancellation between 1 month and 2 weeks before departure date: 50% of the total amount must be paid
  • Cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to departure date : 100% of the total amount must be paid
  • No show: no restitution
Address: Berlin, Germany