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Private Tour of the Sachsenhausen Camp

Half day
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Explore the horrors of a concentration camp near Berlin

Sachsenhausen is German for “Saxon’s Houses,” and an appropriate name for this concentration camp near Berlin. Saxons were a group of Germanic tribes well-known for their rigid caste structures and death penalties for marriage or movement outside of their specific caste. The Sachsenhausen tour will show you a deadly, horrifying microcosm of Saxon’s houses and the entire Holocaust. Professional guides lead you through this concentration camp near Berlin providing you with detailed information, tragic tales about courageous men and women, and gruesome stories about life within the interment site. Your visit to the concentration camp near Berlin will take you through the Jewish Barracks, the Appelplatz roll call area, the prison, the pathology and hospital buildings and Station Z. The name Station Z was meant as a Nazi joke, because the entrance to the concentration camp near Berlin was through Building A, the gate house, and Station Z was the exit from the internment site for those who were executed. Countless details and demonstrations prove why the Sachsenhausen camp is a perfect example of the cruelty of the Nazi regime and Holocaust. Your trip to Germany is incomplete without a visit to a concentration camp in Berlin or nearby. Visit the grisly spectacle and leave speechless.

Private guides lead Sachsenhausen camp tours

Sachsenhausen camp guides are available for individual groups and provide critical information necessary to grasp the tragedy that surrounds you entirely. Listen to tales of heroic prisoners fighting against all the odds to survive and anecdotes of treacherous SS staff and officials. Despite being less famous than Treblinka or Auschwitz, the Sachsenhausen camp was the central command for the entire concentration camp in Berlin system. Additionally, it was a crucial Schutzstaffel training center. Knowledgeable Sachsenhausen tour guides, available in nearly a dozen languages, will help demonstrate the terrifying circumstances and experiences necessary for understanding the grim fate of all prisoners and the brutality of the Nazi regime.

Visit a concentration camp near Berlin on your trip to Germany

Tours to the concentration camp near Berlin depart from and can return to your desired location. Depending on the size of your travel group, you can go to the concentration camp near Berlin on anything from a luxury Mercedes sedan to a massive 63-seater bus. Reserve your tickets and make a memory that will last.



Constructed in 1936, the year of the Nazi Summer Olympics, Sachsenhausen was to be the model Konzentrationslager, intended to provide the basis for the designs of subsequent camps. It stands as a physical manifestation of the world view of the Nazi party and SS, and a record of the crimes of the era.

Around 200,000 inmates would file past the camp's iconic 'Arbeit Macht Frei' entrance sign; tens of thousands would perish in conditions of extreme brutality.

Your visit to the Sachsenhausen camp will include time in the Jewish Barracks, the Kitchen and Laudry block, the Appelplatz roll call area, the camp prison, the pathology and hospital buildings and Station Z – the execution grounds and killing centre.

Although it is less well known that Auschwitz and Dachau, Sachsenhausen housed the the headquarters of the whole concentration camp system and a vital SS training facility. Understanding the conditions of the camp and inmates experiences is fundamental to comprehending the realities of the Holocaust and the Nazi regime.

Sachsenhausen would also see use in 1945 as Soviet special camp 7/1, a further 60,000 prisoners would be kept here over the subsequent five years, with 12,000 falling victim to hunger, disease and maltreatment.

Opened as a memorial in 1961 by the East German authorities, Sachsenhausen is a prime example of a single location used be numerous different regimes for purposes of punishment and propaganda.

For this and many other reasons, we believe taking a guided tour of the camp memorial is a necessity.


Groups with 1 to 7 people can choose between a tour with a guiding-driver or one with a separate driver and a guide for tours in English or German. Our guiding drivers are well versed in the history and can provide an adequate overview. For a more in-depth tour, we recommend booking a separate driver and one of our world renowned native speaking tour guides. On the buses for bigger groups and for languages other than German or English we always have a separate driver and a professional tour guide.