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Half day
Pay your respects to the fallen and learn about this dark chapter of world history. Explore the Holocaust on a private tour of the Sachsenhausen camp.
From 320 per group
Half day
Ride the railways to Sachsenhausen and take a private tour through the somber and historically preposterous concentration camp near Berlin. You’ll be stunned.
From 240 per group
5 out of 5 stars
Half day
Prepare for an emotional roller coaster as you learn about the horror of the Nazi regime and the courageous actions of camp prisoners on the Sachsenhausen Tour.
From 17 per person

Discover the famous concentration camp on a Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour

Begin an interesting and spine chilling tour through the Sachsenhausen concentration camp located in the Oranienburg district of Brandenburg. With several Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour options available, you’ll soon be taking a walking tour through the terrifying Nazi camp. Constructed in 1936, at the height of the Summer Olympics in Berlin, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp became a training center for Schutzstaffel officers. Executions began shortly after the commencement of World War II, when Soviet prisoners of war and Jewish inmates began to fill the site. On a Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour, you’ll discover the fates of these unfortunate prisoners and the measures taken by Nazi officials to keep them in line. Each Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour lasts up to seven hours after you arrive. Whether in a guided group Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour, or being led privately, you’ll enjoy experienced guides sharing fascinating information and morbid accounts along the way. Learn how prisoners worked day and night constructing bricks, all being saved for the construction of Hitler’s ideal city, ‘Welthauptstadt Germania.’ Your German experience is incomplete without seeing a Holocaust memorial. Discover where more than 100,000 people died on a Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour. You’ll leave speechless.

Learn about the prisoners and officials in the Sachsenhausen camp

Countless gruesome tales and horrific details will prove to you why the Sachsenhausen camp is a perfect example of the cruelty of the Nazi regime and Holocaust. With tour guides speaking in your choice of several languages, you’ll hear how inmates were regularly sent to gas chambers, shot and dumped carelessly into mass graves, and burned alive. Few were able to outlast the brutality and sheer cruelty of the Nazi regime. In the Sachsenhausen camp, you’ll learn how prisoners were tortured, in the usual and most unusual ways. Discover all about the Sachsenhausen Salute and more when you go on one of our tours.

A Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour is an eye-opening experience

A walking tour recommended by all, unravel the mysteries of this historical site on a Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour. Each of the available tours departs from and arrive at your given location within Berlin. Travel in one of our first-class vehicles ranging from a luxury Mercedes Benz to a giant double-decker tour bus. Pay your respects to the fallen with a visit on your next German vacation.