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Unique transportation

5 out of 5 stars
Half day
Ride and dine in Germany’s capital city, Berlin! You'll cruise safely and easily along a carefully planned route to some of Berlin's most favorite bites!
From 49 per person
Hit the streets like an East German local as you ride in a vintage Trabant through Berlin. Perfect for a fun company event or a private tour of the capital.
From 185 per vehicle
5 out of 5 stars
1 hour
Tour Berlin from behind the wheel of a Trabant. Cold war history comes to life as you cruise Berlin’s streets in a relic of former East Germany.
From 50
2 hours
The Berlin Wall comes to life as you speed along in an authentic Trabant on a Berlin Wall tour. This Trabant tour follows the former path of the Berlin Wall.
From 99 per person
1.5 hours
Segways are an exciting way to explore any city, and combined with Berlin’s fascinating history our tour is sure to impress!
From 45 per person
3 hours
Diese Tour ist perfekt für Berlin-Anfänger und Berlin-Kenner zugleich!
From 45 per person
We offer guided tours in our VW T2 bus in German, English and other languages as well as discovery tours by yourself in a vintage VW Beetle.
From 59.90 per vehicle
Catering for every taste time at your disposal the XXL Trabi offers individual "Experience Berlin" city tours
From 199 per vehicle

Berlin unique transportation options are available for all styles

There is always something going on in Germany’s capital. Lounging terraces and beach bars in the summer, winter markets and special sights in the colder months, and museums and landmarks available the entire year. Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Germany. And when you are in this historical and fun-filled wonder, you can take advantage of several Berlin unique transportation options for getting around. Pedal your way through the cities outskirts and visit the local farmer’s market on one of our fantastic bike tours. Or enjoy a safe, reliable, and fast Berlin transport to your preferred destination. Ride in a luxury Mercedes, a stretch limo, a double-decker bus or more when you travel to or from the airport or your hotel. Berlin unique transportation is a fun way to pass your time in Germany and fulfill your tourist objectives at the same time. Cruise down the Spree river in one of seven different-sized liners, or enjoy a first-class Berlin transport to other cities through the picturesque countryside while traveling to Prague, Hamburg, Hannover or other exciting German cities. A Berlin unique transportation experience that will really please you are the fast-paced Segway tours. Learn to ride this modern marvel, and then zoom to the most well-known spots in town. See our Berlin unique transportation packages and choose your favorite.

Berlin City Tours offers exclusive transportation to travel the city

Getting around Berlin has never been more fun than with our exclusive transportation. Great for parties, beer bikes allow you to roam the city streets and check out the best sights in the city all while chugging down cold beers with your friends and laughing the day away. Another popular exclusive transportation option is a trip in one of the Trabants. Trabbies, as they are called by some, were the most common East German vehicle produced during the Cold War. Nowadays, they have been repurposed as fun travel options for any occasion.

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One of the perks of tourism, in addition to the landmarks and memorials, are the fun Berlin unique transportation methods that allow you to see the city fully. Hop onto a conventional bus, ride a bike through the rolling vineyards, roll through town on a high-tech Segway, and more on this Berlin unique transportation adventure.